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"If genius was measured in hair, then Marina Grinman could give Einstein a run for his money. But more importantly, if genius was measured by the amount of knowledge one possesses and the ability to exceptionally convey that knowledge to a future generation, then Marina Grinman’s IQ is off the charts, breaking world records. The beauty of Marina’s teaching lies in its simplicity. She has the entire complex world of mathematics broken down into painless basic elements. If you’re used to seeing a fearful lion in your path on the way to solving an SAT problem, by the time Marina’s finished with you, you’re staring down at a litter of kittens wondering where that king of beasts, the hardest example in the booklet, has gone. Functions? No problem. Radicals? Piece of cake. Trigonometry? Just another long word. Marina is divinely patient, insisting on interacting on a personal level with her students, pinpointing each test-taker’s particular issues and individual needs. She will sit with you whether you need one clarification or ten, varying her explanation each time until you’ve finally grasped the concept, applied it, and confidently embraced several harder problems. Marina’s methods are straightforward and she employs a strict no-nonsense approach, but her passion for math and teaching is apparent. She radiates such a dedication to her math and to her students, that you can’t help but to eventually share her love for the subject. While acing it, of course."
Sandra R. University of Pennsylvania
My search for a qualified, knowledgeable math tutor ended quickly when I met Marina Grinman. As a teacher myself, I was a skeptical and overly selective parent when interviewing prospective SAT (SAT II)/ACT tutors for my 11 grade son. Marina is a brilliant mathematician who treats each student as if they were her own. She takes pride in her work, makes complex mathematical equations seem uncomplicated and gets students to think out of the box. Marina is compassionate and kindhearted. She wants all her students to succeed and puts her heart and soul into having students improve their mathematical understanding and confidence. Marina is able to reach students at varying levels and abilities with ease. My son looked forward to attending sessions with Marina each week and under her tutelage met with exceptional success. Marina is a “find”!!"
Ivy Cohen
"Before I had the honor of meeting Marina Grinman, mathematics was a subject that was unbearable, taboo even, for my brain. As a child born to Russian tradition and culture, my difficulty with math was unacceptable and my grades in the course at school suffered, to say the least. At this point, I decided to seek outside assistance. It was by chance that I met Mrs. Grinman through a family friend and she made me feel welcome straight away. I was, however, tested the moment I stepped foot in her tutoring school. The purpose of this short exam was to pinpoint my weaknesses which Marina was able to do instantly. She has helped me without fail ever since and because of her unbelievable skill, I'm sad to say that soon I'll no longer need her help. She is a remarkable woman who could definitely be a professor of mathematics at all the top schools in the nation and her infinite knowledge and quick- tricks have helped me tremendously. Because of Marina, my mathematics skills are now completely up to par and I feel confident that my chances of acceptance to an Ivy League institution are far more solidified. In essence, brilliance, to me, is the face of Marina Grinman."
Michaella Twersky, Senior at G.W. Hewlett High School
"Before I met Marina, math was my biggest enemy in education and my biggest fear for the upcoming SAT I would be taking. With her unique teaching method and highly personalized style, Marina helped me take problems that were almost impossible for me to answer before, and turn them to second nature. More importantly, she made taking the SAT a breeze, and the results were better than expected. Thanks to Marina my SAT score shot up 100 points from the last time I took it, which was more than enough to get me to colleges that I could only dream of getting into before. Me and the rest of my family were very happy with the results of Marina's tutoring and will continue using her help for all of our big tests."
Eric Feldman, Senior at Oceanside High School, Oceanside, New York
My name is Kyra Jackson, I'm 17 years old in my senior year of high school, and I have applied to Hamilton College, Brown University, American University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Connecticut College. Last year before I started working with Marina, I couldn't stand math and the fast approaching SAT at the end of the year wasn't helping my already established Junior Year stresses. I joined a SAT Prep Group at a local college that I only drowned in and the final SAT practice test only made me feel even more hopeless. Marina helped me look at math as poetry and really got me engaged in word problems, and geometry. From the first session with her she already pinpointed all my weaknesses and assigned homework and quizzes until it became one of my strengths. After the first couple of sessions I really started to look forward to going at the end of each week, coming out of each session feeling as if I was ready to take the SAT the next day. Marina raised my SAT grade 300 points my first SAT at the end of my junior year, than another 100 points for the beginning of my Senior year. I no longer think of math as a weakness and its even showing in my school's math grades, I rose from a C to a B+ last year and they put me in an AP math class this year. A feat which, before going to Marina, I never thought possible in myself. I truly miss going to the sessions every Friday, Marina is a truly wonderful person who will help you get engaged in math, and lose all feelings of fear for the dreaded SATs.
Kyra Jackson, high school senior
"After taking the SATs in October it was abundantly clear with math scores of 610 and 470 our twin sons needed tutoring before retaking the SAT in December. They spent one hour per week for the next 6-7 weeks. Without preamble, the results speak for themselves: 610 became 750, accepted to Binghamton, more apps pending. 470 became 540, accepted to Manhattan College, U Albany, Niagara and Seton Hall."
George Haughton

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