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  • Marina Grinman received her B.A. and M.A. in Mathematics and Education from former Soviet Union, where Math was always on the top of the curriculum. She is certified by the NYS to teach HS Mathematics of all levels. She has over 20 years of experience teaching Math and over 14 years of tutoring Math one-on-one and to the small groups. Her students were admitted to every Ivy League school . She is the author of the Math workbook Math By Example.
  • Dr. Peter O’Neill has taught literature and composition at the university level for over 28 years. He received his Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University in 2001. His major literary field is Victorian literature. To stay engaged in scholarship, Dr. O’Neill subscribes to Victoria listserv, a lively online forum dedicated to Victorian studies. Recently, he has published a book review of Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman for an academic journal called Applied Research in Quality of Life. Dr. O’Neill was also delighted to learn lately that his paper “Ruskin and the Forsaken Cry: the Sublime Anesthetic in JMW Turner’s Slave Ship” was accepted by the Victorian Institute Conference, held this October at Converse College. Most pertinently, Dr. O’Neill remains an eager, devoted tutor, trying patiently to cultivate students’ verbal skills.
  • Max Dolitsky is a HAFTR 2009 graduate and is enrolled at University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering for fall 2010. This year Max has been studying in Israel. His strengths are mathematics and chemistry. Max’ SAT scores were: 740 Verbal, 800 Math, 770 Writing. Additionally, his SAT II scores were 800 on Math 2 and 780 on Chemistry. He scored a 5 on both the BC Calculus and Chemistry AP exams. Max has been tutoring both chemistry and math for years to his classmates and to the younger students.
  • Laurie Ott received her MA from The Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological and Educational studies and is a New York State certified teacher. Laurie has been teaching SAT programs across Long Island for almost a decade. Administrative duties include collaborating with other professionals, including MENSA members, on various SAT strategies. In addition she has extensive experience in teaching the ACT, as well as other state exams, and essay writing. Laurie has written a dissertation that is bound at the Derner Institute library. Her dedication and magnanimous spirit motivate her students to reach beyond their expectations.
  • Christine V. Cralidis, former principal of the Vincent Smith School and Education and Assistance Corporation Network Nassau Learning Center, located in Port Washington, New York has more than 25 years as an accomplished professional with diversified administrative and teaching experience in parochial, nonprofit, private, and public schools. Mrs. Cralidis is equipped with a thorough background in curriculum development and staff training programs congruent with New York State Standards for alternative education and special education differentiated settings. Christine’s’ key strengths include fervent leadership abilities and the integrity essential to work collaboratively with district administrators and staff professionals to build successful learning frameworks for at-risk and special needs student populations.

    Mrs. Cralidis’ Professional Affiliations include the New York State Association of Independent Schools; Nassau County Elementary School Principals Association; Nassau County Secondary Principals Association; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; Nassau Counselors Association; National Council of Teachers of English; Long Island Association of Special Education Administrators; New York State Reading Association, and the Nassau County Support System of Care.

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